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#5 – Psychic Shopper

#5 – Psychic Shopper

Psychic Shopper

Free Psychic ReadingsThe Psychic Shopper is number four for out top psychic websites.  It has a lot of information on free psychic readings, california psychics , palm readings and more.  Like the previous sites, the author of Psychic Shopper is a psychic as well.  Many of the articles demonstrate an  in-depth and first-hand  knowledge of psychic abilities.  Her website is setup in an easy to navigate and simple format.


Like the first two top psychic websites, the quality of articles and other psychic information is good.  It’s also diverse and ranges  from how to free psychic readings to California psychic network.  The articles are well researched and seem to be written by a native English speaker.  The content seems original and covers a variety of subjects thoroughly.


The Psychic Shopper’s  layout is basic yet intuitive.  The site’s simple utility makes it easy to use and navigate, easily getting from one article to another.  The colors are pleasing to the eye and not an eye sore.


Overall, the Tarot Deck is a very informative psychic with many articles and reviews concerning all things psychic.  The author seems to be a psychic as well and it shows in the layout of the site, as well as the content.  There are plenty of pictures for a little eye-candy to the articles, but it doesn’t go overboard.  All in all, the Psychic Shopper should definitely be on your list when looking for psychic information or reviews or free psychic reading online.

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