Psychic Network Reviews


As a long time believer in psychics and parnormal phenomenon, I was very happy when psychics started becoming available via the internet.  Living in an isolated area, it is difficult for me to find local psychics without driving for many hours to the nearest large city.  This made seeking out psychic advice very difficult.

Psychic Network Explosion

Then came the internet explosion of psychics.  While at first there were only one or two psychic networks, soon it grew into an internet phenomenom and there were dozens, if not hundreds, of online psychic networks.  Some have gone and new ones have popped up but there are still so many that it’s hard to know which sites to use, which have the best psychics and which to avoid.

Friends Network

That’s why me and a group of my friends got together and started sharing out experiences.  What psychic network did we use, which psychic did we speak with, how were they and how accurate were they.  It didn’t take long for this friend to talk to that friend and the next thing you know, we had a dozen or more women (and one guy), all exchanging stories and experiences.

We Go Web

About two years after starting our little “psychic information exchange,” one of our members thought – hey, why don’t we put this information on the web.  And the rest of us looked at her with blank expressions.  Luckily, she knew how to do that and out website was born!  Why at first, we did include reviews of individual psychics, we learned that they seem to come and go with the psychic networks, so we removed that section.

But, I hope you enjoy the site and enjoy our reviews and benefit from them!

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