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#3 – Artemis Pond Psychic Report

#3 – Artemis Pond Psychic Report

The Artemis Pond Psychic Report

Develop Psychic AbilitiesThe Artemis Pond Psychic Report is a site unlike the first two – The Tarot Deck and  It’s layout and content are similiar to a newspaper site or internet news site.  It’s actually a very intriguing format to bring to the psychic world.  Artemis continues this theme in all of the articles, writing them as though reporting on the news and we wonder if perhaps she has a background in journalism.  There is certainly alot of content to be discovered on her site in a variety of topics – from how to develop psychic abilities to become a psychic to live psychic readings and avoiding being scammed.


The quality of the articles at the Artemis Pond Psychic Report are top notch.  As mentioned previously, she writes like a journalist and the articles are interesting and informative.  The site itself is well designed and professional looking – again, bringing to mind an internet news site, mixing pictures and content seamlessly.


Of the top three sites, we do like the layout of the most.  The design just looks very modern and professional and is easy to find everything since things are divided into categories right on the home page, as well as having some nice news sliders and even a ticker!


While may not be a content rich as and, it has an appeal of its own with it’s interesting and unique style – both the site style and the Artemis Pond’s writing style.  It’s worth visting, just to check out it’s neat style – if you didn’t know it right away, you’d never guess it was a psychic site.

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