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Develop Psychic AbilitiesLynda “Moonwolf” Bernert provides a fantastic website devoted to all things psychic.  Lynda is also a psychic reader and does readings both online and at various psychic fairs and special occasions   Her site has a clean look to it and she has written a number of articles of various aspects of the psychic world.  Her site contains alot of good information you won’t find elsewhere.  While it does not contain as much information as The Tarot Deck, it contains tons of information on psychic readings, how to be a live psychic, and much more.  She also offers her own online/offline psychic readings on the site too, if you are looking for a personal psychic reading.


Like the #1, the Tarot Deck, has very good quality articles as well as other psychic information.  In addition to the diverse articles, from how to free psychic readings to tarot psychic readings, Lynda Moonwolf – a California Psychic – also makes her psychic talents available on the website.  Lynda’s articles are written by in an easy to understand style and cover a multitude of different topics. She includes tactful pictures in with the content that highlight the content and don’t subtract.


We do like’s layout better than The Tarot Deck, but that could be because it uses alot of purple and my favorite color is purple.  The navigation is easy to use and the content flows over the site layout without making it look too busy.  While there is purple in the theme, the site uses primary colors for the dark text on light background for easy reading.

OVERALL is definitely a fantastic resource for all things related to psychics and psychic abilities.  It’s also a good source if you wish to get an actual psychic reading since Lynda used to be one of the California Psychics and still does readings for them, we believe.  If you have two sites bookmarked for psychic information – I’d make it The Tarot Deck as #1 and as #2.

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