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#4 – Mind Paradox

#4 – Mind Paradox

The Mind Paradox

Develop Psychic AbilitiesAnother great psychic site is the Mind Paradox, which like many of the other sites, features articles and information psychic abilities and psychic readings but also includes some local stories about things like Best Toronto Psychic and other local going on’s.  Similiar to, Mind Paradox is layout in a news blog style format which makes it very visually appealing, as well as being content rich.


Like the Artemis Pond Psychic Report website, the quality of psychic information in the articles is very good.


The Mind Paradox has a great layout, again similiar to but not quite as “business like”.  It has an air of casualness about it, even though it has a clean, easy to navigate feel with crisp colors and plenty of pictures.


Mind-paradox is definitely very informative on psychic content with many reviews and articles concerning all things mystic.  The author seems to be a psychic as well and it shows in the layout of the site, as well as the content.  There are plenty of pictures for a little eye-candy to the articles, but it doesn’t go overboard.  All in all, the Mind Paradox should definitely be on your list when looking for psychic information or reviews or free psychic reading online.

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