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#1 – Oranum

#1 – Oranum

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Psychic Employment at Oranum

Psychic Employment Psychic JobsOranum is the Top Psychic Network Website Online offering Psychic Jobs.  They have been in business for a long time and have recruited experts from all over the world.  They are open to offering opportunities to new and experienced psychics alike, if you are looking to start online psychic readings.  With flexible hours, good compensation and reliable payment options, Oranum makes a great choice if you are looking for psychic employment.

Psychic Job Hours

When you work at any of the psychic jobs with Oranum, they allow Psychics to choose your own schedule.  You simply upload you  schedule to the psychic center at least a week in advance, and you can change your schedule from week to week for maximum flexibility.  Your schedule will be displayed to visitors, so you are expected to be online when you schedule yourself.  They allow – and encourage – you to log in more than your scheduled hours since visitors are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You are required to schedule yourself for a minimum of 14 hours, but you can fit those in at anytime during your psychic employment.

Free Chat – A Bonus to Psychic Employment

For all of Oranum’s psychic jobs, they have a free chat area that you can enter when you are online that will allow new visitors to make first contact with you.  This is an excellent opportunity not offered by any other psychic employment network which gives you a chance to literally have clients delivered to you. You can also opt NOT to go into the free area if you wish.

Payment Methods

Oranum, like most of the other psychic employment sites, requires a payment threshold – or a minimum amount that you earn before you are paid.  This generally starts at $100, but you can set it for a higher amount if you wish.  One nice things it does with all of its psychic jobs is that they offer a variety of payment methods.  You can get paid through check, bank transfer or through a Payoneer pre-paid Mastercard which is extremely convenient since you will receive the money instantly into the Payoneer account and you can then use the card like a debit card or withdraw the money at an ATM.

Computer Requirements

You will need to have microphone and speakers or a headset for any psychic jobs with Oranum. The minimum computer requirements are the following:

CPU: Pentium III. 1.8 GHz
INTERNET: 1024 kbit/sec upload speed
CAMERA: Webcam or handy cam
Wireless: Please note that wireless connections can be unstable for video broadcasting, therefore we do not advise it.
Please try connecting with a hardwired connection.
Imac: If You are a Mac user You will be able to use our software as well, after you register we will activate the mac compatible software.


With flexibile work schedules, many different payment options and very minor computer requirements, Oranum is the perfect place to look at if you are looking for psychic employment or any psychic jobs.  There are many psychic networks out there, but Oranum is the top-rated network and that means thousands of people are visiting their site each day looking for a psychic.  With so many visitors, it is easy to build up a following of regular clients and start to make some money with your psychic gift!

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